Taiwan vows to tighten seals after army officer accused of spying . Taiwanese army officer is accused

Taiwan vows to tighten seals after army officer accused of spying . Taiwanese army officer is accused

Ministry of Defence vows to bolster antiespionage efforts after latest spying case . Lieutenant colonel surnamed Hsieh allegedly recruited by China to collect intelligence . Latest spying case comes during a low point in relations between Taiwan and China which claims democracy as its territory with Beijing ramping up military and political pressure on the island .

A number of former highranking Taiwanese military officials have in recent years been accused of spying for Beijing . In March a retired Navy rear admiral and a former lawmaker were charged over an alleged bid to build a spy network for China . And in January a retired air force major general received a fouryear suspended sentence for accepting meals and trips offered by a Hong Kong businessman allegedly acting on behalf of Beijing .

Taiwans have been spying on each other since the end of a civil war between Chinese nationalists and communists in 1950s and 1960s . Taiwan and Beijing have been spying on each another since the start of the civil war in the 1980s. In March, a retired Air Force Major General received a 4-year suspension sentence for taking meals and taking trips to Hong Kong businessmen allegedly acting for a Hong Hong Kong business with a businessman allegedly working for Beijing and taking advantage of Beijing.

In January, a former Air Force officer was arrested for accepting food and accommodation offered by the Hong Kong. In 2012, a Chinese businessman allegedly acted on behalf the Hong Hong. In 2013, he was convicted of accepting meals. In 2010, he received a three-and-a-half of his wife.

In 2007, she was accused of refusing to take advantage of a hotel. In 2008, she refused to accept food. In 2009, she and her husband’s accommodation.


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