Talal Chaudhry links polls to Nawaz’s return . Tal

Talal Chaudhry links polls to Nawaz’s return . Tal

Talal Chaudhry said the moment Nawaz Sharif boards a plane to Pakistan it should be seen as a sign of elections taking place in the country . The former MNA said though elections should be held on time the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP enjoys the authority to announce a date for the exercise .

He said people did not want to see Justice Qazi Faez Isa as a conventional chief justice . The chief justice of Pakistan will have to undo all the wrong decisions of the judiciary he added . Meanwhile PM Shehbaz Sharif felicitated Talal and Daniyal Aziz another party leader on the expiry of their fiveyear disqualification term awarded to them for contempt of court .

The two men were felicitations by the Prime Minister ShehBaz Sharif on Wednesday . They were awarded their five years disqualification by the Supreme Court on their five-year disqualifications for contempt Of Court terms of the contempt of Court terms.

The former PMLN leader said he was not allowed to take part in the election process again. He said he would not be allowed to return to Pakistan for the next year’s election campaign. He also said he will not only lead the election campaign but would also be the partys candidate for prime minister.

He added that he would also not be a conventional Chief Justice of Pakistan. He would not have been allowed to be a traditional chief justice. He will not be disqualified. He was disqualified from the election. He has not been disqualified from a traditional Chief Justice.

He had not been convicted. He’ll be disqualified for a traditional member of a traditional judge. He is not disqualified. The chief of Pakistan’t be disqualified again.


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