Unrepentant Asif asks PTI members to ‘apologise first�

Unrepentant Asif asks PTI members to ‘apologise first�

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said he would only say sorry on the condition that PTI members repented the alleged abusive language they had used for Maryam Nawaz and Faryal Talpur . On Tuesday the minister used sexist and derogatory remarks referring to women from the opposition PTI in a joint session of parliament referring to them as remains and ruins of the party which had to be cleaned .

The defence minister maintained that he was responding to observations made by PTI Senator Ali Zafar who alleged that the government was bulldozing legislation . Mr Asif claimed he did not need to apologise as his comments were taken out of context .

However on Thursday the defence minister conceded that he did get carried away in his speeches giving the example of the time when he referred to vice chancellors as dacoits but later had to withdraw his remarks and apologise . Apart from PTI lawmakers the minister also faced criticism from the ruling coalition in both houses the minister had also been criticised from both houses .

The ruling coalition also faced criticised by the ruling parliamentarians and JUIF Senator Kamran Murtaza and Noor Alam Khan also lamented the use of derogatory language for women parliamentarians by the Defence Minister on the floor of the National Assembly in the National House of National Assembly and Public Accounts Committee Chairman Noor Al-Al-Khairan Khan .

The Defence Minister of Pakistan . The Public Accounts Council of Pakistan has also lamented that he had used a derogatory language to the defence Minister of Islamabad. The Defence Ministry of Pakistan’s Defence Minister. Asif. Noor al-Ahmadullah Khan also said that he would not apologise for his remarks.

He also said he had not apologised for his comments.


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